Happy Plans

‘There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path’ – Gautama Buddah

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My Barre studio held a ‘happiness challenge’ last month and after completing 32 classes in 4 weeks I emerged triumphant (…and exhausted. But a very smug exhausted).

The Happiness Planner was part of my prize and has an interesting approach to welcoming ‘positivity, joy, and happiness into your life by [utilizing] positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development’. I was intrigued by the Planner’s aims and liked the idea of finding ways to create and enjoy happiness rather than relentlessly chasing the ideal of it.

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The first thing the planner asks you to do is to create your ‘Happiness Roadmap’ by thinking about your strengths, weaknesses, what you’d like to achieve (both this year and in life more generally) and areas for focus. This is what I look like when I’m pondering…

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As someone who can sometimes fall down a bit on a few of the following points this list is a very helpful reminder to live in the moment and cut yourself some slack:

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What I like about the planner is that it doesn’t hold you to unrealistic expectations and focuses on a day-by-day approach that encourages you to be honest. Every day of the year has a quote on happiness and beyond the usual (scheduled events, things to do, your primary focus for the day) it also pushes you to stop and think about all of the good things in your life – what you’re excited about, what stayed with you from the day and what you hope the next day brings.

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I’m only a few weeks in and am interested to see how my approach and attitudes change!

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In the meantime, why not take this Monday morning to think about what you’re grateful for and what makes you happy? 🙂

Please Note: This review is my own and was not endorsed by The Happiness Planner makers in any way.

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